Crestliner  165

  $250 / Day 

 renter tow boat from our Fleet Storage . Minimum 3 days $750.

 $450/ Day 

 Delivery to a Boat Ramp or Dock is included if it is within 25 miles of our Fleet Storage.

 Gas Charge

 Not included. Will be charged to Security Deposit after return ( or refilled by Renter at return)

  Booking deposit

 not refundable after reservation confirmed

  Security deposit

 $1,000 at Check-Out.


 DreamLife Northwest doesnot provide any kind of rental insurance.

* We do a safety review on Board for safty boating, no extra charge. Renters are 100% resposible for any risk in the rental period.

* Reservation deposit  is not refundable.You can change the date one time for $50 from that which was originally Scheduled
   if availableand only if done 7 days or more in advance. However the original quoted rate must be the same or more than
   what equipment or amount of days you are changing to; otherwise the  original  amount must be honored even if the equipment
   or amount of days you are changing  to is less. If  you cancel your reservation 7 days or more in advance,  you will have
   the deposit credit for your future use deduct $100 fee. Cancel less than 7 days to the using date will forfeit your non-refundable
   reservation deposit.

*Security deposit ( Full refundable ) $1,000 at Check-Out.