DreamLife Northwest Boat Rental Q&A


How to make reservation:
  1, Find your rental equipment, choose your date, Send Request from our website ( First time customer will be asked to sign-up.
      return customer just type in your email address, system will pull out your information .
  2, DreamLife Northwest will contact you with  availability.
  3, You Make Payment from our website or call for pay by phone.
  4, DreamLife Northwest will confirm your reservation. You will receive a confirmation email with your reservation detail.


What is required to rent boat?

You must be at least 25 year old to rent any boat from DreamLife Northwest with a valid driver's license. You must be familiar with operating the boat you are going to rent. Boater Education Card needed for MasterCrafter X1 Boat Rental. DreamLife Northwest  will provide safty review  on board giving orientation for renters. You must also have a verified credit card on file for the security deposit. The main renter must have the same name on all documents; credit card, driver’s license, and contract(s) signature.

What is the security deposit? 
We require a security deposit $1,000 .  This deposit must be done on a credit card.

What Forms of Payment do you accept ?
DreamLife Northwest accepts Visa, Master & Discover Cards or Cash for rental payments. Security Deposit has to be made by credit Card.

What is our reservation & cancellation policy? 
Reservation deposit  is not refundable. You can change the date one time for $50 from that which was originally Scheduled

if available and only if done 7 days or more in advance. However the original quoted rate must be the same or more than
what equipment or amount of days you are changing to; otherwise the  original  amount must be honored even if the equipment
or amount of days you are changing  to is less. If  you cancel your reservation 7 days or more in advance,  you will have
the deposit credit for your future use deduct $100 fee. Cancel less than 7 days to the using date will forfeit your non-refundable
reservation deposit.

What happens if the Boat I reserved is unavailable? 
Every precaution will be taken to ensure that the booked equipment is available in a fully serviceable condition but if owing to conditions and circumstances beyond the reasonable control of the DreamLife northwest, this is not possible, then every effort will be made to supply a similar or suitable equipment. Should this not be possible the deposit paid and any hire fee paid by the customer will be returned in full but the customer will have no claim on any account against the DreamLife northwest.

Can I tow the equipment? 
Renters are not allowed to towing our Boats. You need to purchase our Delivery & pick-Up Package until you are verified to be capable of handling the specific equipment, and become a Member. 

What do I need if towing the equipment? 
You will need a 2" ball to tow any of our trailers; you also need a 4 or 7 flat trailer light hookup.

What if I don't have a tow vehicle? 
We can deliver and pick-up the equipment wherever you would like as long as it is safety.

What equipment comes with my rental? 
They will come with all the safety equipment required for the boat you are renting; life vests ,fire extinguisher, paddle, flotation device, tie downs, Fenders, anchor, and flag.

Who can drive a boat ? 
Anyone can drive a boat if you are 25 years or older with valid driver's license , and have signed the contract.
How long will our boats last on a tank of gas? 
On a full tank of gas our boats  will last 4-10 hours running time depending on the model of boat.

Where can I take the rental boat ? 
Any of our Boat can be used in Willamette River, Columbia River and Lakes in Oregon and Washington where permitted by law. Our boats can only be used in fresh water.  We keep the right to request changing of the destination water you are going according to weather and water level. 

What kind of vehicle do I need to tow with? 
Our boats should be towed with a V8 engine or larger.  Our boats can weigh from 3500 lbs - 7000 lbs capacity with the trailer and gear.

What time is pick up and drop off of rented equipment? 
All rentals are scheduled to suit the customers request at the time of inquiring or reserving the equipment.  Normal Check Out/In time is between

7.00am-7.00pm if customer trailering. 9am – 5pm if we deliver and pick up to and from the water. 

What happens if I damage anything?

During check-out we go through a damage check list diagram and picture or video of the rented equipment to ensure that both the renter, and DreamLife Northwest is protected in case of any discrepancies in damages or other charges that can accrue.  If any additional charges as stated in the rental contract was the fault of the renter they will be responsible to repair the damages.  DreamLife Northwest  does not allow anyone to fix the equipment except certified dealers approved by DreamLife Northwest. 



Please call us on phone 503-252-9282

for assistace or send your booking request from our website

Payment can be made online or by phone