2006 31' Fourwinds Motorhome

                                              RV Rental Pick-Up  on Mon.-Fri. morning :  Standard Pick-up 9.00am, 10.00am ,11.00am 

Please send request for RV Pick-up on afternoon, Weekend and Holidays.

Price for season 2017

Rent weekend/

3 nights ,4 days

Rent One Week/

6nights, 7 days

All Season

 $800 ($200/each day extention)

( 400 free miles included )

$1400 ($200/each day extention)

( 700 free miles included )

100 free miles/day included;  
$0.50 / mile for extra
Generator use  $3.5/hour
Hitch Mounted Bike Rack      $20/4 Days  ( $35 / 7 days ) prod_img3/mid_Rank1.jpg
Bedding Included ( Free of Charge ): 
4 pillows; 4 pillow cases; 2 comfort; 2 sheets
Included ( Free of Charge ):
4 Glasses; 4 plates; 4 saucers; 4 sets of silver, pot and pan
RV Preparation
Included ( Free of Charge ):
Basic Insurance Included ( Free of Charge ):
* Reservation deposit $300 ( $500 each week reservation ) is not refundable.

   You can change the date one time for $50 from that which was originally Scheduled if available and only if done

   14 days or more in advance. However the original quoted rate must be the same or more than  what equipment or

   amount of days you are changing to; otherwise the  original  amount must be honored even if the equipment or

   amount of days you are changing  to is less. If  you cancel your reservation 14 days or more in advance,  we will keep

   the deposit credit for your future use deduct $100 fee. Cancel less than 14 days to the pick-up date will forfeit your

   non-refundable reservation deposit.
* Security deposit ( refundable ) $500 at Check-Out.