DreamLife Northwest RV Rental Q&A

How to make reservation:
1, Find your rental equipment, choose your date, Send Request from our website ( First time customer will be asked to register.
   return customer just type in your email address and password, system will pull out your information .
2, DreamLife Northwest will quote you with  availability and price.
3, You Make Payment from DreamLife Northwest website or call for pay by phone.
4, DreamLife Northwest will confirm your reservation. You will receive a confirmation email with your reservation detail.


What are your office hours?
DreamLife Northwest rental is for scheduled appointment only. The phone reservation center is open Monday through Friday  from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m (PST) through June to September, leave a message or send email in off-season.


Are there any coverage’s provided with the RV rental?

Please check Rental Agreement.

* Travel Trailer Renters need to provide the rental dealer with proof of liability insurance on the tow vehicle. The liability coverage must extend back to the rented trailer. MBA has a simple form to assist dealers in verifying this coverage with the renter’s insurance company.


What is the cost of motorhome mileage?
   Please check  'Fees and Cancellation Policy' in RENTAL AGREEMENT.


Is there a charge for the motorhome generator?
  Please check  'Fees and Cancellation Policy' in RENTAL AGREEMENT. You can save on this expense by staying in locations that  have electrical hookups and not leaving the generator running when you are not  in the vehicle. A generator is only needed for the coach air conditioner,  microwave and electrical outlets. A generator is not necessary for normal vehicle  operation and is subject to frequent service interruption.


What deposits are required?
  Please check  'Fees and Cancellation Policy' in RENTAL AGREEMENT.


Besides the rental cost are there any other charges I will incur?
  Please check  'Fees and Cancellation Policy' in RENTAL AGREEMENT.


Do I need a special driver’s license to drive a motorhome?
  All you need is to be 25 years of age or older and possess a valid driver’s  license and a major credit card. No special endorsement is needed. Temporary  licenses are not accepted.


Can I make a change to a reservation?

    Please check  'Fees and Cancellation Policy' in RENTAL AGREEMENT.


What if I have to cancel my reservation?

    Please check  'Fees and Cancellation Policy' in RENTAL AGREEMENT. 


Is it difficult to drive a motorhome?
  Motorhomes handle much like a car, especially our motorhomes are all the “C”  Class which has a van chassis.


Does the RVs come equipped with pots and pans?

  No Kitchenware supplied in all our RVs.


Do your RVs come stocked with bedding ?

  No Bedding supplied in all our RVs.


Are hoses and cords included in the rental?
Yes. We  include a sewer "dump hose" for your use to dump the holding tank  when it is full. We also include a freshwater hose to hookup to water or to  refill the freshwater tank. We also provide a "park adapter" which  will convert the 30 AMP RV cord into a 15A residential style plug. This adapter is  what you need to use if you take the motorhome home and want to plug it in to  your home electricity. A helpful idea if you are considering parking the  motorhome at a residence while on your trip is to bring an electrical extension  cord to reach their service. The motorhome has a 25 foot shore power cord for  your convenience.


What is gas mileage like for motorhomes?
Mileage is  very dependant on the driving conditions involved. Is the road in the mountains,  or on the freeway? Is it raining or windy? How many people are in the vehicle?  As a general rule we tell people that the Class C units get around 8-9 miles per  gallon on the freeway and 6-7 miles per gallon in the mountains. From there  factor in weather, number of people and speed. The Class C units all have a 55  gallon gas tank so your range on a tank is around 350-500 miles.


What are the motorhome seat belt requirements?
Motorhomes are treated same as motor vehicle. Check the State Law where you drive.


Do I have to return the RV with the gray and black water tanks  empty?
Yes. If you are unable to do so, there will be a charge.

Please check  'Fees and Cancellation Policy' in RENTAL AGREEMENT.


Do I have to return the motorhome with a full gas tank?
You need to return the motorhome with the same or above the level of gasoline that it had  when you picked it up. If not, there will be an additional charge.


Are there rollout awnings on the RVs ?
No. rollout awnings are not allowed to use by renters.
We suggest you bring a canopy if you need shade or check with the RV park  if you are staying in one.


Is there a ladder so we can get on the roof to watch the race?
No ! We do not allow renters get on to the roof on the RV for safety reasons and  to prevent damage to the motorhome.


Are pets allowed in the RVs?
Pets are not allowed. Violation will cause charge up to a cleaning fee $500.


Is smoking allowed in your RV's?
There is no smoking allowed in any of our vehicles. There will be a  significant fine imposed if any evidence of cigarette smoking exists in the  motor home.


Is there a limit to how many people can ride in the motorhome?
Our motorhome maximum  8 people.
DreamLife Northwest recommends the following:
Never exceed the maximum capacity as posted in the actual vehicle you will  be using. Maximum capacity includes the vehicle, all fluids, all occupants and  their gear. All passengers should use the provided seatbelts. The total number of  seatbelts will vary according the vehicle and according to the floor plan of  the actual vehicle you are using. Child safety seats should be used where applicable. the installation and  use of these seats should follow the recommendation of the child seat  manufacturer. Overhead areas designed only for sleeping should not be occupied while the  vehicle is in motion. The vehicle should be properly secured prior to travel.  This includes locking the doors and dead-bolting them where applicable. Stow  the entry step and secure the outside compartments. We ask that you use good  judgment and prudence in your decisions. You Are Required To Comply With Applicable Law.


Are there facilities close to the Fleet Facility where we can purchase  supplies, propane and dispose of holding tank contents?

* Near by Holding Tanks Dump Station ( 6 miles from our Fleet Storage ):


Clackamette RV Park, 1955 Clackamette Dr, Oregon City, OR 97045

* Near by Gas and Propane refill ( 4 miles from our Fleet Storage ):


Chevron ,  13001 Clackamas River Dr, Oregon City, OR 97045


Can I park my car at your Fleet storage while we travel?
Parking at our storage  is very  limited. Call us in advance to see if we can accommodate you. If you are  allowed to park, it is at your risk entirely.


Can we leave our luggage at the Fleet storage location?
Are we allowed to travel into Canada (or vice versa)?
US registered RVs may enter Canada and return to the US without problem.  Canadian residents are not allowed to rent a US registered vehicle in the US  and enter Canada. Residency is based on the primary renter.


Are we allowed to travel into Mexico?
DreamLife Northwest does not allow travel into Mexico.
Can I tow my car or boat behind the motorhome?

Is it possible to travel in the winter in the colder areas?

Are there any places we cannot take the RVs ?
Yes. Coverage’s are invalid if problems occur in the following areas and  all recovery expenses are at the renter’s own cost. Violations of these  restrictions void damage waivers and the renter will be held liable for all  vehicle damages including to tires, towing charges and other related expenses  as a result of a breakdown associated with operating in these areas:
Alaska, Yukon and Northwest Territories, & Newfoundland
Travel on all public and/or numbered roads is permitted. Travel on  non-public roads, unpaved back roads, trails and the like – commonly called  logging roads or on any surface subjecting the vehicle to unreasonable damage  or road hazard is prohibited. We reserve the right to restrict travel,  dependent on current road conditions.
Death Valley
Vehicles may be operated with EXTREME CARE in Death Valley and other desert  areas during the months of July and August. In Summer, renters visit these  areas at their own risk and DreamLife Northwest will not be held responsible  for extraordinary vehicle recovery and other charges. During certain periods  these areas are not habitable and could pose a danger to the driver and  passengers.
Due to restrictions on vehicle heights, propane gas and parking, vehicles  with propane are not permitted in Manhattan and are not permitted to travel  through any underground or underwater tunnels.


Do you have baby car seats and cribs available for motorhome ?
No. Please plan to bring your own car seats and/or cribs.


Is it safe to drink the water from the RV tank?
No, we do not recommend this. It is difficult to know if the water is  potable when you fill the tank at a variety of locations. We recommend you use  bottled water for drinking and cooking. The water from the tank is fine for  washing and bathing.


What if the motorhome breaks down?
DreamLife Northwest provides a 24/7 road assistance line to help you.


Are there bike racks for rent ?
Yes, Check availability at the time of reservation with us.
Are there levelers provided?


Can you pick me up/drop me off at the airport?


How can I learn to operate the components on the motorhome?
DreamLife Northwest will provide  Orientation  tour  which is required to acquaint the  customer and drivers with the operation of the vehicle before departure. You can also study from internet or youtube. The equipment are pretty similar.


What happens if the RV I reserved is unavailable?
Every precaution will be taken to ensure that the booked equipment is available in a fully serviceable condition but if owing to conditions and circumstances beyond the reasonable control of the DreamLife northwest, this is not possible, then every effort will be made to supply a similar or suitable equipment. Should this not be possible the deposit paid and any hire fee paid by the customer will be returned in full but the customer will have no claim on any account against the  DreamLife northwest.


Is the customer responsible for any maintenance of Rented RVs?
The customer is responsible for checking tires pressure; engine oil, fluids, and coolant  levels at each refueling for motorhome, as well as reporting mechanical failures immediately.   Customers may be held responsible for mechanical damage due to  negligence in vehicle operation or failure to provide normal maintenance.


Can I get a copy of the rental contract in advance of my rental?
Rental prices, policies and conditions are subject to change without  notice. Rentals are subject to the Terms and Conditions of the Rental Contract,  a copy of which is available on our website.